Heart of Obsidian - Nalini Singh I realize that by now, the majority of people considering this book have already been "spoiled" as to the names of the hero and the heroine, but just in case there are still some readers holding out for the surprise, I'm making this a spoiler-free review. As such, it will be noticeably shorter than it would be were I allowing myself to give away their identities.

One thing I really liked about this one was the fact that even though it would certainly be helpful to have read at least the most recent installments of the Psy-Changeling series, I think that it's focused enough on our main couple and the civil war brewing amongst the Psy, that newcomers might be able to get through it without issue.

Similarly, I really enjoyed the focus on the couple. I've been anticipating this particular pairing for years now, and I was very glad that so much time was put into developing their characters and their relationship, rather than focusing too much on many of the past couples from previous books.

The chemistry was wonderful, and I've always had a bit of a soft spot in my heart for dangerous, almost frightening heroes, especially when they come with both murderous tendencies as well as intense protectiveness over a woman they have claimed as their own.

The ending was perfect, and I sincerely hope that there will be many more installments to this series to come.

A very fan-girly 5/5