Waltz of Seduction - Natasha Blackthorne Using "lathe" instead of "lave" is just as bad as using "waste" instead of "waist" in my mind. Two completely different words, two completely different meanings. -1 star for that. Blech.

I love the premise -- marriage based on practical reasons (he a penniless lord, she a wealthy daughter of a merchant), she thinks he doesn't want her, he thinks it's wrong to be lustful with a wife.

Unfortunately, it just fell a bit flat for me. I think with very steamy lovemaking (there was crude language, light spanking, and light bondage), there needs to be a little more substance to the actual romance part in order to keep it from feeling like a bit of PWP.

Don't get me wrong; the author obviously has talent. I did enjoy the amount of emotions in the story, and the lovemaking was nice and steamy (once you got past the lathe thing...). I just think that this story would have greatly benefited from a longer word-count, perhaps with some background from BEFORE she bought the claret colored gown..

2/5 Stars