Cabin Fever - Alisha Rai This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.

Expected Release Date: September 15, 2009 (Available Now!)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Imprint: N/A
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My Source for This Book: Amazon
Part of a Series: No
Series Best Read In Order: N/A
Steam Level: Hot

Not that it actually pertains to anything important, but I had to laugh because I read this book immediately following What I Did For a Duke by Julie Anne Long, and the hero and heroine in that book were named Alex and Genevieve as well. Before we continue, I’d like for you to just pause and ponder for a second what a total mind melt that can be when going from a historical romance to a contemporary PNR.

Now onto the actual book :)

Genevieve Boden is a witch. Having inherited her mother’s abilities, she learned at an early age that wielding great power can also come with a great price, and after a horrible incident in her youth, she’s now living in her mother’s old cabin deep in the woods of backwater West Virginia. Despised and feared by the townspeople, despite the fact that she has actually lost her powers, she has little contact with the outside world until on the eve of a major blizzard, a horribly wounded man collapses on her front porch.

While tending him, she discovers that her faded powers have returned enough to heal him, and aided by her restorative powers, she nurses him back to health.

Alex Riviera has recently moved to West Virginia after the fatal shooting of his partner in New York. Plagued by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he’s hidden his condition from his superiors and shrinks, and hopes that the quiet life of a small-town police chief will help him settle down. Uncertain of who shot him, or whether or not they could still be out there, Alex is stunned to awaken to a beautiful voluptuous angel — one he soon discovers possesses a sharp tongue, a shotgun, and a very real dislike of the police.

Forced to remain in each others’ company both by the blizzard outside and by Alex’s injury, Genevieve slowly warms towards Alex, and his powerful presence combined with his obvious attraction to her plump body soon break down her defenses and they give in to the powerful attraction crackling between them.

However, the person who shot Alex is still out there, and just as determined to see him fall as ever…

I admit, I’ve never read Alisha Rai’s books before — actually, I’m ashamed to say that I’d never even heard of her until someone on my Twitter stream wished her a Happy Birthday yesterday — I will absolutely be reading more (just as soon as I can decide which ones — they all sound so good!)

Genevieve was carrying around some horrendous guilt, and the fact that living in seclusion and paranoia was a bit of personal penance really made me feel for her character. Alex was simply delicious, from his looks to his personality to his protectiveness and his sensuality, I simply couldn’t get enough of him. I adored how open-minded he was about her powers after he got over the initial shock, and how real he seemed with his troubles with PTSD after the death of his partner.

Recommended for fans of curvy heroines who let guilt force them to retreat from life, of injured heroes who would gladly put their life on the line for the ones they love, and deliciously sexy ways to pass the time during a snowstorm, all sprinkled with a hint of the paranormal.

4.5/5 Stars