Once Upon A Time In Space - Heather Massey This is a Quickie Review. Full review available at The Romanceaholic

I’m not sure if I was simply not in the mood for sci-fi erotica, or if there was actually something about the writing, but this book simply didn’t do it for me. There was an enormous amount of very steamy sexuality, which I admit is great, but it almost got to the point at times that I wanted to skim until they were done fantasizing in great detail about boffing each other.

Raquel kept throwing off such mixed signals that poor Nick was practically running in circles for most of the book, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the corrupt military, I have to say that the “phanotom planet” could’ve been written out entirely and we wouldn’t have missed a single thing.

Someone who is more interested in the erotica portions than the storyline might rate it quite a bit higher, but I’m going to have to say 2/5 Stars for me.