A Compendium of Kisses - Lana Citron Reviewed for The Romanceaholic

From first kisses to missed kisses, stolen kisses, the chemistry of kisses, around-the-world kisses, silver-screen kisses, Freudian kisses, lipstick kisses and record-breaking kisses, this eclectic collection of facts, figures, quotes and curiosities has everything you’ve ever wanted to know—and more—about that most deceptive, delightful and indispensable gesture: the kiss.

This was an adorable collection of anecdotes, statistics, and historical facts about one of our favorite things as romance fans – KISSES!

I don’t normally read and review non-fiction, but since a romance can be made or broken with a simple kiss, I couldn’t resist.

What worked for me:

* I really like the fact that you could literally pick and choose any part of this book to read. As I said, I don’t typically read non-fiction, but when I do, there’s still often a narrative. Since this book is merely a collection of facts and other tidbits, it allows the reader to jump around as desired. This is even pointed out in the humorous (and vaguely plagiarized) preface.
* I really enjoyed a lot of the historical facts, including those about makeup/lipstick and some of the more interesting laws and social mores surrounding it.
* Other interesting facts include the biology behind the thrill of a kiss, such as the release of pheromones and hanges in the levels of neurotransmitters and endorphins. There’s also some scientific evidence that a social kiss transmits fewer germs than a handshake does.

What didn’t work for me:

* I admit, some of the facts were boring in my opinion, and I did skim through several parts of this book.

This was an overall fun, often quirky, and on occasion flirty book that I think would make a cute gift for a newly engaged couple, as well as a fun addition to a romance-lover’s library.

3.5/5 Stars