I Can See You - Karen Rose Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

As you can see from the title, it's book 10 in a series of interconnected stories. I've never read any of the other novels, but honestly I didn't realize it was part of a series when I picked it up. Many times, when a series gets past its second or third book, it's impossible to pick up with whatever the newest novel is without being completely and utterly lost (yeah, that's right, I'm talkin about you, Warden). ICSY, however, did a fantastic job of standing alone. Sure, I was curious as to some of the nuances of the group dynamics that obviously had been established in prior novels, but there were no prior details that left me scratching my head wondering what on earth people were talking about, or who the heck a certain character was.

On that note, however, I'm not certain I would be happy about that fact had I read the whole series already. Although well-executed, there was a LOT of information about different characters' history, their relationships to each other, and so forth, that might feel burdensome to a seasoned reader of this series. It wasn't quite a case of infodump or anything, but it certainly did add considerably to the page count.

As for the story itself, I have to say that I was highly impressed. While I did manage to figure out our killer's identity early on, I admit that I was never actually certain of it until right before the actual reveal. KR did a fantastic job of planting false clues and creating a lovely sense of paranoia for her readers to experience right alongside the police.

She also managed to make me care for the characters, which is something that I honestly don't find that often in romantic suspense novels (I'm more of a Harlequin type gal ;)). Both Eve and Noah were beautifully flawed -- her having survived two (that's right, two) brutal attacks by psychotic killers prior to this novel, and him having tragically lost his wife and young son in a car accident years ago, and then turning to alcohol. He's still working through his demons as a recovering alcoholic, and she's still struggling to be "normal" in the life of a survivor.

I also enjoyed the technological aspect of this story, as a good part of it revolves around an MMORPG, hacking and internet security. I also liked that some of the characters used Google on their phones, and that GPS devices and even high-tech baby monitors came into play. Quite fun :)

I may pick up one or two of the older novels in this series, but I admit, I don't really want to go back and read the whole set. That's more because I don't have the time and money to invest rather than a decided lack of interest, though, and shouldn't be considered as criticism. I am, however, definitely looking forward to the next novel in the series, [b:Silent Scream|7302998|Silent Scream (book #11)|Karen Rose|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51PTPmw42UL._SL75_.jpg|8693923], which is slated for release at the end of this month (yea!).

A very solid 4 Stars.