Silent Warrior - Lindsey Piper This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic. I’ve had my eye on this series ever since I got to read a snippet of the forthcoming first book in the series, Caged Warrior, due out in June of this year, and so I snapped up this novella as soon as I had the chance.

Dark and unapologetically gritty, this story was full of pulse-pounding action, and earthy heat that keeps you begging for more.

I loved that the heroine was a true warrior — she isn’t one of those supposedly “strong” heroines who suddenly turns weak and dependent on a hero halfway through the story. Instead, she lives up to her reputation as a fearsome warrior, and gives our hero, Hark, a real run for his money.

While I’m never one for a whirl-wind romance, and I didn’t care for the fact that the ending was more of a Happy For Now than a Happily Ever After, there was no denying that the courtship between these two, and the ending of the story simply fit with these two characters and the world that they lived in.

There was also one of, if not the most romantic scenes ever, despite the blood and brutality involved.

A very solid 4/5 Stars.