Torch in the Forest - Marcie Kremer Ehh... I don't really mind the lack of steam (okay, maybe a little, but not so much that it affected the final rating), but as much as I enjoy enemies to lovers, it felt like Hugh went from being a total jerk who didn't even LIKE the heroine (though he certainly seemed to feel attracted to her), to being in love with her all of a sudden.

Maybe it was the chaste rating, but there never really felt like there was any true chemistry between them. We're told that she has somewhat naughty dreams of him, and that he can't get her out of his mind even though he's got in his mind to marry a young virgin that he can rely on to be biddable and not have to worry about her straying like his first wife, and yet, I never really felt a spark between the two.

Still, I enjoyed the angst that comes with a strong female lead having no control over her life (as was true to the time period), and the plot with the poaching was plenty interesting. Overall, not bad, just not really a favorite.

3/5 Stars, full review to follow.