Goodnight, Pond - James Hance,  Leila Miyamoto Super-adorable "parody" book written by Leila Miyamoto (of Don't Speak Whinese fame) and James Hance (of Wookie The Chew fame), and also illustrated by James Hance.

Written in the same simplistic style as the classic children's book [b:Goodnight Moon|32929|Goodnight Moon|Margaret Wise Brown||1086867], it references many things that any fan of the 11th incarnation of Doctor Who will love, including "...a hat and an apple and a green glowing wand, And a kindly old man whispering 'Come along, Pond.'", as well as a certain blue book of spoilers and a roman that fans of the show will be sure to love. ;)

Completely adorable, and I was lucky enough to score one of the final (autographed! *squee!*)copies of the original run, of which there will be no more, since the source files have since been corrupted. :-/

5/5, but then, I love both Doctor Who and James Hance, so there really never was any question on that.